Constanta, Romania, 2021 - 20x30 cm / 30x40 cm - edition of 500

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This item is a limited series, signed, and numbered inkjet print. It comes in two size versions, 20x30cm, respectively 30x40cm, and is printed to a limited of 500 copies for each size. Every print is accompanied by an authenticity certificate proving that this is an original made under the careful author's attention. The item is respecting museum & gallery quality standards.

Alex Galmeanu has done this picture in the summer of 2021 on the beach of Constanta, Romania, using a drone camera. It is a part of an extensive series of images in which the author is searching for repetitive patterns and geometries that reflect surprising visual effects along with social and cultural realities.

Original photography means a limited edition print issued, signed, and numbered by the author, accompanied by a specific authenticity certificate. This certificate is similar to a contract, proving that the art object is made under the careful author's attention, in which he assumes his statement regarding the print quality and quantity. An authenticity certificate is essential, it has legal implications as any contract, and it brings value to the art object.

Limited edition photographic prints are maybe the most cost-effective way to decorate your home or office interior with original art. You'll know that you have bought a rare piece of art, an object specially made for you and for which you have the full ownership (as for a painting, for example). With a bit of luck, as in other art fields, buying limited edition photography may be a profitable investment, as the print's market value will rise along with the career of the author.